Month: May 2018

How to Get Rid of Annoying Bats in the Attic

bat removal on attic

The first sign of bats infestation is the squeaking and scratching noises which come from the ceiling, chimney, and walls. Is there a way to get rid of these bats out of the attic? The process for excluding bats from an attic can be quite difficult. The truth is that there is no single effective solution. Nowadays, people do practice different methods. Some methods are more effective as compared to others. Fortunately, this post will help you in the process. We hope this guide will help you save time, money, and effort.

Bat-Proofing System

bat controlIf you want to get rid of bats from the attic, you need to focus on bat-proofing the attic area. There are things you should not expect in this case. For instance, animal control services may not be of help. You should not rely on the local dogcatchers. Also, you should not leave the bats, their parasites, and droppings neglected.

You need to seal all the entry points properly. If you know where the animals come from, you should seal up the holes. If you do this task during the day, you are going to trap the bats inside. This means that you will have to look for other extra ways to get them out. This explains why the entire procedure ought to be done at night when leaving the area.

Devices for Bat Removal

There are many devices on the market that are quite effective for bat removal. The most important thing is to check the basic feature details and choose devices that can work for you. These devices include:

Exclusion Devices

bat removalThese are installed on the bat entry and exit areas. They can be nets or cones and work by allowing the animals to get out of the attic and not get back in. These devices ought to be installed on points that you have discovered in the last two days. You will then monitor the situation whether all the creatures have got out of the way.

Buying Bat Homes

For your information, these pests have a sense of location and will always get back to their nests. If you want to eliminate them from the attic and not the location, you should use a good bat house. A good one can hold more than 100 bats. Ensure you place it higher to increase chances of attracting many of them.

Best Indoor Bug Zappers


Bugs are insects that bite people. These insects are known for inflicting skin diseases like swelling, rashes, blisters, itchiness, rashes and other severe reactions. Bug zappers are used to control irritating insects such as bugs.

Zappers are designed for both outdoor and indoor use. This is one of the greatest methods of keeping the environment more pleasant and healthy. With indoor bug zappers, an electrical discharge is used in eliminating bugs. They come with a light source that entices these insects.

The insects are electrocuted by this device when their bodies come in contact with it. insects-bugs, cockroachesThis has provided an efficient, chemical-free alternative for controlling insect bites. This means that people don’t need to use bug repellents any more. Some of these repellents used in controlling pests are harsh and toxic.

Buyers are advised to evaluate essential features before choosing a bug zapper carefully. For instance, they should take into consideration the safety features and quality of construction. Ideally, they should select a device that is capable of protecting them from accidents. It should also be affordable and easy to maintain. Let’s have a look at the indoor zappers used in controlling flying insects such as bugs.

Aspectek Bug Zapper

It is a powerful and effective mosquito killer. It is preferred by many people because of its proven effectiveness. It is used in eradicating the different types of flying insects like moths, wasp, mosquitoes, flies, and bugs. It comes with a grid for destroying bugs and UV bulbs for attracting insects. Its mesh screen is helpful in protecting the entire household. Additionally, it has a removable plastic tray that collects the dead insects making maintenance and cleaning easy.

Glove Indoor

This is another useful device used in eradicating flying insects suchkitchen as bugs and mosquitoes. It is a less maintenance, low cost, reliable and safe device. It should be used in small rooms having an area of about 16 sq meters. It is perfectly suitable for the basement, enclosed garage, living room, kitchen, warehouse, and store amongst others. The insects trapped can be disposed of easily.

Li Electric Bug-Zapper

This device is useful in trapping and zapping the flying insects. These insects are enticed by a blue light that is emitted by its 365 nm wavelength. It has established itself to be one of the most popular and most robust insect zappers. It has a powerful 2800 volts bulb. Its cage wiring is useful in avoiding contact with pets or people. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor places.