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Points to consider while choosing the best air purifier for pets

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It is quite common to have a pet at home. It brings a lot of advantages, from adding to the love and harmony of the family to building up the security of the house. However, maintaining a pet at home also has certain considerations that are needed to be addressed.

Choosing the best air purifier for pets is often a hectic job. The owner has a range of option to choose from, which makes the task all the more confusing. Click here for anĀ air purifier is best at controlling pet dander. To provide effective assistance in this matter, here is a list of features that needs to be look out for in an air purifier before making a choice:

General information

Means of filtering hair and dander

air purifier Firstly, the air purifier needs to have the option of purifying pet hair and dander. Pet hairs can be easily seen. However, dander, which is constantly produced small flakes of dead skin, is not. It contains proteins that cause asthma and allergy symptoms. Moreover, the filter must be effective to get rid of air pollutants. Therefore the air purifier must be effective in filtering particulars as big as a hair to particles with sub-micron size as dander and pollutants.

Odor removal

When it comes to pets, the odor is one of the most persistent problems. If the pet spills some liquid on the ground and the owner is oblivious to it, the spillage will dry off after some time. However, the foul odor remains for long. The air purifier must be efficient in getting rid of the foul smell and replace it with a hint of freshness in the house.

Time of coverage

Another important point that is needed to be considered is the time of action of the air purifier. The pet remains active almost the entire day, and the air purifier also needs to be functional during the entire time period. It is important to consider a motor with the highest rating for its long life and efficiency to address this particular purpose.

Durability of the machine

This is an important point to consider especially when pets are around. The machine needs to be tough, preferably encased in a steel housing. This makes it impossible for pets to chew off pieces or cause any damage to the machine. Moreover, plastic purifiers sometimes let off gas fumes when the motor gets heated up; a steel housing does not have any such related issue with the only product being fresh, pollutant-free air.

HEPA technology

air purifier  for dogsOne of the latest advancement regarding an air filter is the HEPA (High-efficiency particle arresting) technology. This technique, which is commonly used in hospitals and research laboratories, gets rid of about 99.97% of air pollutants. An air purifier with advanced HEPA technology will certainly be a good option for maintaining the quality of air at home for the pets.


These are some of the valuable considerations that are needed to be taken into account while choosing the best air purifier for pets. An air purifier with all these attributes will ensure longer and healthier life of the pet animal.